How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard

Are you tired of getting up in the morning just to find that the deer have tore up your yard?

Well to keep the pesky deer out of your yard all you have to do is tie a Bounce dryer sheets to a pole or a stick & place it where you want to keep the deer away from. P.S. Replace them after rains,snows,ect.



How To Remove Rust

So you have them old rusted nuts & Bolts from the toolbox or fishing hook or sinkers from the tackle box that you can’t seem to part with. Well the good news is there is no need to throw them out because now there is a cure for rust. Simply put the item in a container & cover the item with Vinegar, Put the lid on & make sure to shake around & cover for overnight. The next day take out the item & dry completely.


How To Get Rid of Weeds

Have you ever sat on your patio enjoying the day when you notice that weeds & grass is starting to come threw a cracks of your patio or sidewalk? Well their is no need to buys weed killer. Simply just dump so Vinegar on that pesky eyesore & after a couple of days it should be dead. (P.S You have to repeat ever couple of months.)