How To Keep Deer Out Of Your Yard

Are you tired of getting up in the morning just to find that the deer have tore up your yard?

Well to keep the pesky deer out of your yard all you have to do is tie a Bounce dryer sheets to a pole or a stick & place it where you want to keep the deer away from. P.S. Replace them after rains,snows,ect.


How To Make You Own Fabric Softener

Have you ever ran out of fabric softener when you needed it the most? Well all you have to do to make your own fabric softener is add simply use White Vinegar. Use it the same way you would normally use liquid fabric softener & the same proportioned amount & You’ll never know the difference.


How To Clean Out Your Dishwasher (Chemical Free)

Have you ever looked at your dishes after the dishwasher “cleaned them,” just to notice a soapy film covering them? If so empty the dishwasher & run it but instead of using detergents use vinegar it will clean all the gunk that in there & the next time you wash dishes they will be sparkling clean.